Corporate e-mobility made easy, sustainable and cost-effective

Discover our all-in-one software for comprehensive and intelligent fleet and charging management for electric vehicles.

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Our Charging Solution for Electric Vehicles

reliable fleet

Manage EVs in the fleet easily: Our Software takes over the energy distribution in the EV fleet completely automatically.

all data at a glance

Check the charge levels and status of your vehicles in real time to ensure smooth operation of your fleet.

use green energy

Use your PV system to recharge sustainably. Charging schedules are adjusted to the solar forecast and flexible electricity prices.

cost-efficient charging

Our Solution avoids load peaks, takes flexible electricity prices and the battery level into account. This makes saving easy.

drive sustainably

Vehicles are charged in a battery-friendly manner and the life cycle is extended. Renewable energies are optimally used for the charging processes.


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The ultimate charging solution for the e-fleet

EVs are easy to manage and control, whether it's a small commercial fleet or a complex fleet of vehicles. Everything happens automatically with just a few clicks. Manufacturer-independent, easy to integrate, and with a high degree of interface openness.

Company fleet

Whether a small fleet of cars or a complex mixed fleet: easily manage and control company cars at the company location, with billing, employee loading, energy management, and much more.

More about the electric company fleet

Service fleet

Drive without range anxiety and at the same time save electricity costs: All EVs are charged reliably and cost-efficiently according to a 24-hour charging schedule. The e-fleet can be created, managed and controlled via the software.
More about the electric service fleet

Last Mile Delivery

With combined fleet and energy management, the e-delivery fleet becomes more cost-effective, reliable and CO₂-saving, for climate-neutral and efficient delivery.
More about the electric delivery fleet

Real Estate

Holistic and effective energy management, individually adapted to each site. Reliable operation of the charging infrastructure and insight into all sites via the dashboard.
More about charging solutions for real estate

Transport and Logistics

Large consumers such as delivery vehicles and trucks are particularly dependent on energy management and charging planning. CO₂ neutrality and electromobility in the fleet succeeds – with IO-Dynamics.
More about the electric transport and logistics fleet

90 %

less grid load with our energy management software through demand-oriented charging.

55 %

less costs by using our intelligent and automated energy management software.

88 %

CO2 savings make your logistics more sustainable and support you in your climate neutrality.

150 %

longer EV use through battery-friendly charging with IO-Dynamics.

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Alois Müller

Alois Müller GmbH

Combine e-mobility in your fleet with the PV system in an optimal way with the help of IO-Dynamics.

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flaschenpost SE

IO-Dynamics takes over e-fleet management for 1,000 transporters at 33 locations.

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Avoid peak loads, optimize energy consumption, and reduce overall charging costs.

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Lan1 Partnerprojekt

14 locations / 159 charging points: Grid-friendly charging according to §14a EnWG with IO-Dynamics.

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EWE Netz GmbH

With IO-Dynamics, EWE is paving the way for an intelligent and automated fleet.

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Following the successful completion of the pilot project, we are now continuing with new locations.

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