Can your fleet go electric?

Find out with our planning tool!

You want to get a first impression of the possible electrification of your company fleet or you already have your first electric vehicles and want to find out what the next steps in electrification should be?

With the help of our planning tool and individual advice, we will determine the optimal roadmap for your fleet planning. 

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Operate sustainably

Reduce complexity

Increase profitability

know more - plan better

The path to an electric fleet is a complex and capital-intensive task. We stand by your side and advise you on the road to a high-performance and reliable fleet, so that you can achieve your C02 targets and increase your profitability.

Our smart planning tool supports you and forecasts exactly which purchases and measures make sense in your case.

Non-binding request

Non-binding request

Privacy Policy

Fleet analysis


How many vehicles can be electrified, how many of them are necessary, and which ones are recommended?

Charging stations

How many charging points are necessary and possible, and which charging station is recommended?


What construction measures are necessary? How large should the building connection be?


Do internal processes be adapted? What costs are to be expected?

Reducing co2

How much CO2 can be saved through optimization and energy management?

Holistic & sustainable e-fleet


Your wishes and goals are discussed in a briefing.


Your usage data is recorded. Our planning tool analyses all scenarios.


The results are evaluated and discussed with you individually.


Together we plan all the steps for your e-fleet, from charging infrastructure to energy management.

What comes next?

For the operation of your e-fleet, you can simply continue to use our intelligent charging management software, IO-ELON. We optimize the ongoing process and charge each vehicle when it is needed. Demand-based and automated charging make your fleet cost-effective, sustainable and simple!

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