Our vision

"To be the #1 software for charging and energy management of electric fleets."

Our mission
"Making electromobility simple and sustainable, and thus making a major contribution to the energy and mobility transition."

Our values

Our values are the basic framework of our work. They motivate and orient us.


We treat each other with respect and accept everyone as he or she is. We work together as a team to achieve our goals, take responsibility as a team and value the opinions and achievements of others.


Making mistakes is human and part of every learning process. Mistakes are openly communicated, discussed and corrected. No one is judged for their mistakes. For us, a good feedback culture and transparent communication are the basis of trustful cooperation.


The needs and wishes of our customers are at the center of our actions, because the value of our product is greatest when our customers are satisfied. Due to the modularity and scalability, our product can be individually adapted to the requirements of our customers.


By professionalism, we understand a result-oriented way of working. In this way, our expertise enables us to provide professional support to our customers during electrification and to cooperate competently with our partner companies.


A responsible and sustainable approach to our environment is very close to our hearts. With our technological competence, we see it as our duty to actively engage in environmental protection and to handle existing resources prudently.


We attach great importance to driving innovation and progress, which is why we are always reviewing and wisely developing our solution. With our energy management, we make a decisive contribution to mastering the challenges of the transport and energy transition.


Adopted by the United Nations in 2015, the Saustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are global goals to solve economic, social and environmental challenges by 2030.

At IO-Dynamics, we support the SDGs and are doing our part to achieve them.

In doing so, we encounter six of the Sustainable Development Goals that are of central importance to us.


Affordable and Clean Energy
By using renewable energies, we contribute to a sustainable energy supply. Our energy management system intelligently networks decentralized power generation with electrical consumers.
Responsible Consumption and Production
Our product makes it possible to use valuable resources over a longer period of time by treating vehicle batteries with maximum care.
Climate Action
With our technological expertise, we see it as our duty to play an active role in protecting the environment. With our charging and energy management, we make a valuable contribution to reducing CO₂ emissions.


Good Health and Well-being
We protect the health and well-being of our team members. We also take responsibility for ensuring that our products are safe for our customers.
Gender Equality
At IO-Dynamics, we are committed to gender equality. Men and women receive the same salary for the same activities. We promote a good balance between family and career – home office, flexible working hours and part-time work are possible for everyone.
Reduced Inequalities
An inclusive and diverse work environment where everyone can freely develop and feel a sense of belonging is a top priority for us. We promote diversity and inclusion in our team.
> Our diversity and inclusion policy

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