The smart charging management software

Fleet operation with electric vehicles takes care of itself with our all-in-one software. We ensure that the vehicles are charged and billed intelligently for simple and cost-effective operation.
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It works that simple:


Usage data is collected and saved.


Building, energy, vehicle and weather data are analyzed.


The software creates a charging schedule for the next 24h.


The vehicles are charged for their next mission.

Fleet overview

The intuitive dashboard gives you an overview of your fleet at all times. Battery health, charging status and the associated range of all vehicles can be viewed and their operational readiness ensured.

Vehicle view

In the vehicle view, you can take a closer look at every single vehicle in your fleet. The view of the charging plan and charging history creates complete transparency.

Charge point view

You keep track of your charging infrastructure. Get information about the current status of individual charging stations. Through the charging history, you can see exactly how much energy your vehicle has received from the charging station.


With IO-ELON, you gain live insights into your electric cars and benefit from a fully automated and easy-to-use charging software. It grows with your fleet and is adaptable to your individual requirements. The modularity allows you to use the software from small, static charging infrastructures to huge, complex company fleets.

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24h Charging plan

  • Prediction of the energy demand
  • Minimization of costs
  • Optimal utilization of the grid connection

Real-time data

  • Maximum vehicle availability
  • Improved transparency
  • Incident alerts

Cloud based

  • Complex requirements and multiple locations
  • Modular and scalable
  • Simple API integration for various services

Battery Monitoring

  • Extended battery life
  • Higher resale value
  • Identify warranty cases
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