With our solution, we ensure that fleet operations run reliably and safely so that service trips can be carried out without downtime.
The fleet and charging management is digitized, intuitive and user-friendly, so that it supports employees in their daily work.
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Service fleet electrified

Smart charging solution for service fleets

efficient – flexible – simple

Vehicle availability and range guarantee

No grid connection overload

No additional effort for employees

Long life of the vehicle battery



  • Dynamic load management and peak shaving
  • Battery-saving charging
  • PV integration
  • Automated billing
  • Intuitive vehicle booking
  • Monitoring of electromobility
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  • Holistic energy management with 24h forecast
  • Extended life of the vehicle battery
  • Maximum self-consumption rate of the PV system
  • Simplified billing process of the charging processes
  • Maximum vehicle availability and range guarantee
  • Stable grid connection and without load peaks



We examine the situation on site and identify core issues and optimization potential. In doing so, we ensure individual and careful planning.

2. Installation & START 

We install all components of the electric vehicle fleet professionally and cost-efficiently and realize an optimal connection to the intelligent charging management IO-ELON.

3. Maintanance & Service

We perform recurring and proper maintenance, taking into account all legal frameworks.

4. Charging management

With the IO-ELON charging management system, fleet operation with electric cars takes care of itself. Gain real-time insight into all vehicles and charging stations and benefit from maximum cost savings.

Can your fleet go electric?

Find out with our planning tool!

Would you like to have a first impression of the possible electrification of your service fleet, or do you already have your first electric vehicles and want to find out what the next steps in electrification should be?

With the help of our planning tool and individual advice, we will determine the optimal roadmap for your fleet planning. 

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Operate your service vehicle fleet efficiently and cost-effectively!

Best Practice

"Als Netzbetreiber liegt uns ein verantwortungsvoller Umgang mit den Energieressourcen sehr am Herzen. Mit IO-ELON testen wir die Verbesserung der Lebensdauer der Fahrzeugbatterie und Vermeidung von Lastspitzen im Stromnetz. Das zahlt auf unser Ziel Klimaneutralität bis 2035 zu schaffen, ein."

Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Speiser

Asset Management Energy, Development Energy Networks

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