IO-Dynamics provides charging management for 1,000 flaschenpost e-vans

IO-Dynamics provides charging management for 1,000 flaschenpost e-vans

Flensburg, August 29, 2023

IO-Dynamics and flaschenpost share a common vision: A reliable and efficient e-fleet management. The electrification project is considered an exciting project in last-mile logisics. By the end of 2023, the Germany-wide online supermarket flaschenpost wants to build charging infrastructure at all 33 warehouse locations, where the delivery fleet of 1,000 electric vehicles can be charged and managed. For planning the expansion and the automated charging of the vehicles, the delivery service relies on the fleet and energy management of the technology company IO-Dynamics.

Intelligent solutions as the key to successful electrification

Sustainable delivery within 120 minutes: That is flaschenpost's delivery promise. To ensure reliable and efficient delivery with the electric fleet, IO-Dynamics was already involved in the planning of the charging infrastructure.

"Together with IO-Dynamics, we were able to achieve maximum utilization with a minimum number of charging points and align the charging infrastructure with our mobility requirements on a site-specific basis, reducing investment costs to a minimum," reports Stephan Zech, Head of Fleet Management at flaschenpost.

For flaschenpost, the integration of intelligent charging management is the second important building block for reliable e-delivery. With the intelligent charging management from IO-Dynamics, flaschenpost can avoid load peaks and gain an overview of the battery charge levels of the electric vans and the status of the charging infrastructure. All charging processes are controlled, and the vans are automatically charged according to demand.

"The charging solution enables us to keep our delivery promise, lower our logistics costs, and reduce the workload," Zech discusses. He explains the decision for the charging solution from IO-Dynamics as follows: "The conventional providers of charging management solutions were not innovative enough for the complex requirements of flaschenpost. The solution from IO-Dynamics also covers our complex requirements and gives us the necessary flexibility to take individual needs into account".

Joint vision for sustainable logistics

Johann Olsen, Co-Founder and CEO of IO-Dynamics, explains the importance of the project for the transport and logistics industry: "Our partnership with flaschenpost is a good example of how advanced charging solutions can help companies achieve their electromobility goals. It's about more than just charging – it's about the entire ecosystem. With this project, we can prove that electromobility can be reliable and sustainable on a large scale, even for complex e-fleets".

The electrification of flaschenpost's delivery fleet is seen in the industry as an example of sustainable logistics solutions. The environmentally friendly focus and ongoing collaboration with innovative technology providers such as IO-Dynamics highlight flaschenpost's commitment to a green future.

About IO-Dynamics:
Founded in 2018 in Flensburg, Germany, IO-Dynamics positions itself as a pioneer in the field of intelligent charging and energy management for electric vehicle fleets. IO-Dynamics' solution not only optimizes the charging process, but also offers a holistic concept for sustainable and efficient mobility.
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About flaschenpost:
Founded in 2016 in Münster, Germany, flaschenpost has become one of the leading online supermarkets, bringing the entire week's purchases to your doorstep within 120 minutes. As part of the Oetker Group, flaschenpost employs around 20,000 people and delivers over 10 million orders a year.
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