Private charging park with IO-ELON

Private charging park with IO-ELON

Intelligent charging management is essential to operate charging stations for electric vehicles in residential complexes. If, for example, many charging processes are carried out simultaneously, the load on the power grid is too high and intensive costs are incurred. Dynamic charging management can shift charging processes in a targeted manner so that peak loads are prevented and the charging of electric vehicles is adapted to the capacity limits of the power grid.

Intelligent charging management: Management of the private charging park with IO-ELON.

With the KfW 440 subsidy, a total of 4 charging stations were built, at which the residents of the house can charge their electric vehicles. Thus, the charging park is not particularly huge, but still quite smart. The charging stations used do not have OCPP communication and do not have an integrated electricity meter - but with IO-ELON this is not a problem at all. Charging stations can be connected via OCPP as well as via other protocols. Our software ensures that the charging stations and their charging processes are monitored. Even without an integrated electricity meter, the charging processes can be recorded, because the charging management also records the electricity consumption of the charged vehicle and thus provides an accurate overview of the energy consumption. All data collected from the vehicles and the charging stations can be viewed transparently in the front end of the software.

The intelligent charging management offers the following added value:

  • Monitoring of the battery charge level (SOC): thanks to the telematics modules installed in the vehicles, the charge level of all vehicles can be viewed.
  • Plug&Charge: IO-ELON enables doubtless identification of the electric car without manual authentication. A vehicle-specific RFID card as well as the installation of an RFID card reader in the charging station is no longer necessary, thus saving superfluous costs. In addition, IO-ELON reliably detects the type of vehicle connected and can thus take vehicle-specific features into account during the charging process.
  • Battery protection: The health of the vehicle battery can also be monitored. In addition, it is realized that through optimized charging processes, the battery is protected and its service life is extended.
  • Precise charging: The vehicle is booked from IO-ELON. Based on the planned trip, the charging management system calculates an optimal charging plan, which takes place completely automatically.  

A pool vehicle is available for use by all residents of the building. At 11 years old, it is definitely no longer the youngest, but the technology from IO-ELON ensures that the vehicle still functions perfectly. Due to the fact that the state of charge can be viewed, the health of the vehicle's battery is transparent and the power runabout is always available for planned trips.

Dynamic load management is also implemented by knowing the exact battery status and the charging time required as a result, as well as the planned vehicle use and presence, which ensures the most constant possible load profile at the grid connection. This means that residents do not have to fear any overloading of their power connection. Larger systems also save even more money by avoiding power peaks.

The private charging park can be expanded to include additional functions - for example, the installation of a PV system is planned for the near future. The IO-ELON charging management system then realizes that the solar power generated in-house is integrated into the charging process of the electric vehicles. In this way, not only is the self-consumption rate of the PV system increased, but the vehicles are also charged in a resource-saving manner with the help of the power of the sun.

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