IO-ELON: the smart charge management software

You have electric vehicles? Then it's about time for IO-ELON. No compromises when using electric vehicles. All relevant real time data from the fleet. Significant savings without restricting the operation of the fleet.


IO-ELON anonymously collects all relevant data from the vehicles and charging stations and evaluates it. This enables automatic charge planning while simultaneously saving costs . All data can be viewed on a user-friendly platform and settings can be made as needed.

Smart charging made easy

Through smart charging and complete integration into the energy grid the operation of electric vehicles not only becomes easy, but also cost-effective and transparent.


Based on the unique monitoring, you get real-time insight into every vehicle and every charge station.


Make the best possible use of the power connection and save considerable costs.


Use smart data for automated charge management. All vehicles are ready when they are needed.

Safety when using electric vehicles

  1. Vehicle and battery status are recorded and saved.

  2. Building, energy and vehicle data are analyzed.

  3. The software gives commands to the charging stations for charging.

  4. The vehicle reports that it is been sufficiently charged.

  5. The vehicle is ready to go. 

Charge solar and price-controlled

In the available period of time, charging is carried out as cheaply and sustainably as possible and it is ensured that the vehicle is charged for the next use.

All charging processes are optimized on the basis of solar forecasts and stock market electricity prices.

Vehicle usage and forecast

Make better decisions with a transparent vehicle fleet. When will my vehicle be ready for use? Errors and warnings by e-mail help to avoid failures. Which vehicles will best meet my needs in the future? Statistics and historical data help to predict demand.  

Considering the building load

The charging processes are adapted dynamically to the available power - this takes building loads into account. Possible load peaks are avoided.

Any number of sub-distributions, solar systems and storage systems can be taken into account.

One solution for many applications

IO-ELON is profitable for every vehicle fleet. You retain control of which vehicle or which charging station meets your requirements in the future.
IO-ELON is manufacturer-independent.

Company fleets

Reach your goal with certainty.

Smart load management and fleet management for your fleet.

Last Mile Delivery

Each vehicle is ideally charged for the next tour.

Taking delivery and route data into account, each vehicle is charged as required.

Service fleets

Spontaneous or planned, always reaching customers electrically.

Each vehicle is charged in a targeted and climate-neutral manner.

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