Optimal use of the electric fleet of Stadtwerke Flensburg GmbH with IO-ELON

Optimal use of the electric fleet of Stadtwerke Flensburg GmbH with IO-ELON

Stadtwerke Flensburg GmbH is the basic supplier in Flensburg, Glücksburg and Harrislee and supplies more than 57,000 households and companies with electricity. Nationwide there are more than 260,000 customers who get their electricity from Stadtwerke Flensburg. Many vehicles in the company's own fleet with combustion engines have been replaced by electric vehicles, so that the energy supplier is using more and more electric vehicles which employees use for business trips.

The energy supplier's electric fleet uses IO-ELON

Stadtwerke Flensburg uses the intelligent fleet and charging solution IO-ELON for the smart integration of its electric vehicle fleet. IO-Dynamics has been working closely with the company since the beginning of development.

Smart charging

The charging processes of 2 pool vehicles, 3 vans and 6 charging points are currently controlled via the charging and fleet management system IO-ELON.

In order to make daily operation as easy as possible, the vehicles authenticate themselves automatically when they are plugged in. The charge status of each vehicle is included in real time to control the charging process. IO-ELON ensures that the vehicle batteries are charged as low-wear as possible and that the health of the batteries is constantly monitored.

The IO-ELON-dashboard can be used to monitor the operation of the vehicle fleet, allowing insight into, e.g.

  • the charging status of the vehicles and which charging stations they are connected to
  • the current charge level of the batteries and when they will be charged again
  • battery health
  • historical usage data
  • ... and more

The common goal of the partnership is that the entire electric fleet of the Stadtwerke GmbH will be charged intelligently. In a next step, the vehicles should preferably be charged after solar generation at the location, without restricting operation.

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