Federal Minister Wissing and Habeck initiate development of the fast charging network for electric trucks

Federal Minister Wissing and Habeck initiate development of the fast charging network for electric trucks

In a groundbreaking initiative, German Federal Ministers of Transport Volker Wissing (FDP) and Economic Affairs Robert Habeck (Greens), together with the major network operators and the industry association BDEW, have launched the establishment of a fast-charging network for electric trucks along Germany's federal highways. 

The planned network comprises approximately 350 locations, including both managed and unmanaged rest areas. Two key elements will interlock: the expansion of the distribution grid through network connection applications and the establishment of charging stations through funding bids. The tender for the first 130 unmanaged rest areas is scheduled for late summer 2024. 

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Source: BMDV

User-friendly charging infrastructure as a key to the transportation transition

Both ministers emphasized the necessity of "comprehensive, demand-oriented, and user-friendly charging infrastructure" to achieve climate protection goals in the transportation sector and facilitate the market ramp-up of battery-electric heavy commercial vehicles. Wissing described the truck fast-charging network as "a truly mammoth project" and underscored the importance of network connection orders as the initial fundamental implementation step.

Green electricity for a sustainable future

Economic Minister Habeck added that the goal is for trucks to exclusively run on green electricity in the future. "More than half of the electricity is now generated renewably. Today, it's about distribution grids and charging stations. Everything must be moved forward simultaneously so that the transportation sector can contribute to climate protection," said Habeck.

Efficient implementation through joint efforts

Kerstin Andreae, Chairwoman of the BDEW Executive Board, emphasized the importance of cooperation between all stakeholders. An efficient implementation solution for the approximately 350 locations must be integrated from the outset into the overall local network expansion needs. The Autobahn GmbH of the federal government, responsible for commissioning network connections, is working intensively on examining and implementing the necessary infrastructure technology. Network connection orders have already been initiated for initial locations.

Legal dispute delays tenders at managed service areas

A legal dispute before the European Court of Justice (ECJ) is currently delaying tenders at approximately 250 managed service areas. Electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla and charging station operator Fastned have filed a lawsuit against what they see as an improper concession extension for the service station operator Tank&Rast. The oral hearing is scheduled for July 9.


With this ambitious project, the federal government is laying the groundwork for sustainable and climate-friendly mobility in heavy-duty transport, marking a significant milestone towards transportation transition.

Further information is available on the website of the Federal Ministry of Digital and Transport.

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