Efficient charging management: reisewitz relies on innovative solution from IO-Dynamics

Efficient charging management: reisewitz relies on innovative solution from IO-Dynamics

Flensburg, 11.09.2023Europe-wide service provider for intelligent planning software uses dynamic charging management from IO-Dynamics to optimize its electric vehicle fleet.

Efficiency and sustainability through intelligent software – this is the credo of the companies reisewitz and IO-Dynamics. Both software providers focus on cloud-based solutions and automation. reisewitz has been developing software for companies in the energy supply, furniture trade and manufacturing, as well as in the customer and delivery service sectors for over 35 years. To manage its electric fleet, reisewitz chooses the intelligent charging and energy management from IO-Dynamics.

“Our goal at IO-Dynamics is to help companies operate their electric vehicle fleets in a more sustainable and cost-efficient way. The partnership with reisewitz is particularly valuable for us, as they have recognized the relevance and importance and advanced charging management software from the very beginning. This project is a promising basis for future joint cooperation,” explains Hauke Lapschies, Chief Business Development at IO-Dynamics.

A total of 15 charging points at reisewitz are currently connected to dynamic load management from IO-Dynamics. The innovative solution controls the charging processes of all electric vehicles, continuously analyzing the current power supply and adapting the charging speed to the available energy capacity. This advanced technology avoids load peaks, optimizes energy consumption, and reduces the overall cost of charging. In addition, reisewitz benefits from optimized vehicle availability and extended battery life.

These arguments also convinced Mr. Rene Prahl, Managing Director of reisewitz: “As a provider of intelligent software, it was a matter of course for us to control our electric vehicle fleet intelligently. The solution from IO-Dynamics convinced us because it is flexible and easy to implement. The setup of the dynamic load management was fast and smooth. We are confident that this intelligent charging management solution will lead to significant cost savings and optimized fleet performance”.

The project illustrates the opportunity of software-controlled charging processes and automation in commercial fleets. With the expansion of electric vehicle fleets, solutions for efficient charging management are becoming increasingly relevant to meet the challenges of electromobility.

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