BMDV funds the expansion of fast charging infrastructure for commercial vehicle fleets

BMDV funds the expansion of fast charging infrastructure for commercial vehicle fleets

The Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV) has announced a new funding program to help companies set up fast charging infrastructure for commercially used cars and trucks. The program is aimed at craft and commercial enterprises as well as fleet users such as transport and logistics companies, parcel services, rental car, car sharing providers and care services. It provides a total of up to 400 million euros to promote the expansion of fast-charging points with a charging capacity of at least 50 kW and the necessary network connection.

Volker Wissing, Federal Minister for Digital Affairs and Transport, emphasizes the importance of this step: "Vehicles used for commercial purposes have a significantly higher mileage compared to private vehicles. As a result, they play a major role in the electrification of transport […]. For companies, the switch to electric vehicles means that they have to set up their own fast charging infrastructure. This can only be done with high investments. With our funding, we support this important step and thus accompany the companies in their conversion to climate-friendly and future-oriented mobility."

For the first time, the program also enables targeted funding for fast charging points specifically for trucks, which were previously only funded in connection with vehicle procurement. Commercial enterprises as well as companies with public participation can submit applications to make capital expenditures for fast-charging infrastructure, grid connection and technical equipment eligible for funding.

The National Centre for Charging Infrastructure will provide content support for the new funding program. Applications will be submitted and processed by Project Management Jülich (PtJ).

Funding details:

  • Each applicant company can submit exactly one application. The following applies: In the case of affiliated companies, subsidiaries with their own legal personality submit a separate application.
  • All applications from affiliated companies may not exceed a total funding amount of EUR 30 million.
  • The grant based on this funding call is limited to EUR 5 million per application, regardless of the number of fast charging points applied for.
  • The subsidy is provided as a share of the funding: a subsidy rate of up to 40% is possible for small and medium-sized companies, and a subsidy rate of up to 20% for large companies.
  • The eligible expenditure per charging point is limited to a maximum amount, which depends on the DC charging capacity of this charging point. For a charging capacity at the charging point of 50 to 149 kW, the maximum subsidy amount per charging point is €14,000 for small and medium-sized enterprises and €7,000 for large enterprises. For charging points with a maximum charging capacity of more than 150 kW, small and medium-sized enterprises receive a maximum of €30,000 and large enterprises €15,000.
  • The contract may not be awarded until the application submitted has been approved.
  • Expenses for third-party planning services, among other things, are not eligible for funding. Funding for leasing rates or rental expenses for charging infrastructure is also excluded.
  • The fast charging points must be installed in Germany and remain the property of the applying company for at least two years from the date of commissioning according to the installation protocol.
  • The electricity required for the charging process must come from renewable energies.
  • Accumulation with other subsidies is not permitted.
  • Procurement and installation must take place within 18 months of receipt of the notice of approval (the project term begins with the date of the notice). An extension is only possible in justified exceptional cases.

Applications for funding can be submitted from September 18, 2023, via Projektträger Jülich at

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