900 million euro funding for charging stations

900 million euro funding for charging stations

Federal Transport Minister Volker Wissing is planning extensive support for the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in private households and businesses. A budget of 900 million euros will be provided.

"Soon, we will launch two more funding offers to support private households in building charging stations with their own power supply and companies in setting up fast-charging infrastructure," the FDP politician told ARD. The first funding program includes a sum of 500 million euros and is aimed at private households. This financial incentive is intended to promote charging stations, photovoltaic systems and energy storage systems. By combining these components, users will be able to charge their electric vehicles directly with solar energy. The program is expected to start in the fall and is designed to strengthen sustainability in the area of individual charging.

The second funding program, with a budget of 400 million euros, focuses on expanding the fast-charging infrastructure and providing grid connections for commercially used electric vehicles. The aim here is to create an efficient and reliable charging infrastructure for companies. The program is already scheduled to start in the summer.

Wissing expects a high five-digit number of applications for both funding programs. To finance the project, the Transport Ministry is drawing on the Climate and Transformation Fund, a special fund of around 35 billion euros. Applications for funding are to be handled by the state development bank KfW. The exact amount of individual funding and the type of funding (blanket amount or percentage shareholdings) will be announced at a later date.

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