Trends in electromobility for 2024

Trends in electromobility for 2024

Electromobility has experienced impressive momentum in recent years, and further fascinating developments lie ahead in 2024. In this blog article, we take a detailed look at the trends in electromobility for 2024.

Simplification of public charging

  • Plug & Charge: Plug & Charge is expected to be implemented in most vehicles by the end of 2024. Charging network operators are increasingly relying on this automatic authentication method to offer users a hassle-free charging experience.
  • Payment terminals at public charging stations: From 2024, the installation of payment terminals at public charging stations with a capacity of 50 kW or more will become mandatory. This step aims to improve the accessibility and user-friendliness of public charging.

Company car taxation and subsidies

  • Adjustment of the 0.25 percent rule: Company car taxation is undergoing a change as the 0.25 percent rule for vehicle models is being raised from 60,000 euros to 70,000 euros. This measure is intended to further increase the attractiveness of electric vehicles as company cars.

Charging infrastructure master plan II: speeding up expansion

  • 68 measures for a comprehensive charging infrastructure: The charging infrastructure master plan II, which was adopted in October 2022, focuses on accelerating expansion. With 68 planned measures, a nationwide, needs-based and user-friendly charging infrastructure will be created in Germany. Almost 35,000 normal and fast charging points are to be put into operation by the end of 2024.
  • KfW funding: The KfW funding program 442 "Solar power for electric cars" will be continued, allowing homeowners to receive an investment grant of up to 10,200 euros for a charging station in conjunction with a PV system and battery storage.

Increase in the GHG quota

The greenhouse gas quota (GHG quota) will be increased to 9 percent in 2024 in order to strengthen the contribution of electric mobility to the decarbonization of mobility.

Fleet trends 2024

  • Intelligent charging and fleet management: In today's business world, comprehensive mobility and data management is becoming increasingly important, both for current requirements and for future developments in entrepreneurship. This strategic approach includes the effective management of vehicle fleets, which not only leads to optimized operations, but also to increased safety, satisfaction and cost-efficient measures.

    With the increasing adoption of electric vehicles within fleets, smart charging and fleet management remains crucial for a sustainable and economical EV charging solution. A fleet that relies on electric vehicles regulates itself, for example, through the use of cloud-based all-in-one software. This software ensures intelligent charging control and cost-effective billing by automatically adapting charging processes to the capacity limits of the power grid, resulting in precise charging planning for the next 24 hours.

  • Decarbonization of mobility: With effect from January 2024, the new Corporate Sustainable Reporting Directive (CSRD) will come into force, making compliance with this directive a significant challenge for many companies, especially with regard to reporting with stricter emission targets. It is important to develop a suitable fleet strategy and use the appropriate tools to meet these requirements. The implementation of advanced fleet management solutions will help to make mobility more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

    We have summarized more detailed information on which disclosures relating to electromobility can be relevant for companies in the sustainability report in an informative white paper. 


2024 is shaping up to be another exciting chapter in the history of electromobility. With promising developments and innovations, we are one step closer to our goal of creating a sustainable and forward-looking mobility landscape.

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