Not static or dynamic, charge e-cars as needed!

Not static or dynamic, charge e-cars as needed!

If you have more than two e-cars in the parking lot, you will no longer be able to avoid the topic of load management. Limited connected load and many consumers. It is clear: they have to be charged in the most resource-saving and intelligent way possible, so that all vehicles are sufficiently charged when they are needed. This is where on-demand charging comes into play.

Advantages through on-demand charging

Why is charging management needed?

When it comes to fleet electrification and management, there are many things that should be considered to ensure that the electric fleet is charged as efficiently and intelligently as possible. Intelligent charging management helps fleet managers make electric car operations simple, cost-effective and transparent.

IO-ELON combines on-demand fleet and charging management

IO-ELON ensures that fleet management and charging management are combined. On the one hand, the software gives a complete overview of all vehicles and the charging infrastructure, on the other hand, all charging processes are automatically controlled and the electric vehicles are charged intelligently.
A charging management system only works well if it also knows about the vehicles' usage requirements, which is why it is so important to combine fleet and charging management.

Saving money and time

The anonymous collection and evaluation of all relevant data from the vehicles and charging stations enables automatic charging planning while saving costs. In addition, automation saves time and all vehicles are ready when they are needed.

Special features of the charging and energy management software

24 hours charging planning

The charging algorithm of the charging and energy management software IO-ELON calculates an optimal charging plan for the next 24 hours completely automatically, whereby all charging stations at the location are controlled automatically. With the optional "booking system" feature, vehicles can be booked to the nearest kilometer or charging station, and the vehicle bookings are taken into account in the charging schedule. In this way, the fleet management knows exactly which vehicles are available or booked for a specific period.

Dynamic load management and PV charging can also be integrated as an option. The charging and energy management then shifts the charging processes accordingly so that all load limits are guaranteed to be adhered to.

24 Stunden Ladeplanung

Real-time monitoring of e-mobility

All collected data of the vehicles and charging stations can be viewed transparently in real time on the platform of IO-ELON.

The fleet management has a complete overview of the charging infrastructure so that the availability and use of the vehicles is ensured. The charging status and the associated range of all vehicles can be viewed and individual charging processes can be tracked. Equivalent to the fleet overview, an overview of the charging infrastructure is provided, whereby charging processes of the individual charging stations can be viewed. With the help of the location overview, the utilization of the building connection can be checked.


Battery-friendly charging

The vehicle battery is the most valuable component in an electric vehicle. The "battery-saving charging" feature controls all charging cycles of electric vehicles in such a way that the vehicle battery is charged as gently as possible. Targeted, battery-friendly charging can double or triple the battery's service life.
The battery health of each vehicle can be viewed on the IO-ELON platform and battery monitoring can detect damage to the battery at an early stage.


Cloud-based fleet solution

The IO-ELON charging and energy management system is a cloud-based software. This has the advantage that processes are accelerated and the software is particularly strong for more complex requirements and multiple locations.
Cloud-based means that the charging stations are connected to the Internet. This means that decisions are not made directly on the local charging station, but on the cloud system. However, instructions are subsequently sent back to the physical charging station via the network.
The cloud-based fleet solution is highly scalable and offers easy integration via interfaces for various services, such as routes or hardware.


In summary, the charging and energy management software IO-ELON represents an efficient and on-demand charging solution for electric cars or electric vehicle fleets. With selected features, the software can be perfectly adapted to the individual requirements and needs of electric car users.
If you have any questions, please use our contact form or request a free demo version here. We are looking forward to your request!

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