Solar power in focus: More efficient charging with our enhanced solar charging feature

Solar power in focus: More efficient charging with our enhanced solar charging feature

We are pleased to announce that our charging and energy management in the field of solar charging has been updated, and solar systems can be used even more intelligently in conjunction with electric vehicle charging.

The novelties at a glance:

  • Management of the solar system with different oriented collectors in the clear dashboard
  • Integration of smart meters takes into account real-time solar power data in the charging plan for electric vehicles
  • Valuable insights into past solar yield by retrieving historical data

Complex solar plant at one location

From now on, a solar plant with different oriented collectors can be created in our dashboard, and the solar forecast can be viewed transparently in a diagram. When integrating the solar system, detailed information can be specified, such as the power, the location, at what altitude the system is installed, to which compass direction it is oriented and what the tilt angle is.

The dashboard shows the solar forecast for the solar system and summarizes the solar output of the collectors. The enhancement provides a precise prediction of the expected solar output so that charging operations can be optimally planned for active solar integration.

Smart meter integration

Also, smart meters can be integrated into our system from now on. This means that solar forecasting is no longer based on estimates alone. By using a meter, real-time data is collected on the actual measured output of the solar system. The actual measured solar power is then included in the diagram in addition to the solar forecast. In this way, it is possible to see exactly how much energy the solar system is generating in real time.

Standort 1 1

With the seamless integration of smart meters, charge planning for electric vehicles is based on accurate data. If the charging plan is based only on the forecast, for example if the forecast says the sun is shining, it is assumed that solar energy can be used. With the help of smart meters, the actual solar power measured is recorded in real time and the software can draw on these values. If, contrary to the forecast, the sun is not shining and the electric vehicles are to be charged 100 percent by solar energy, the software regulates the charging power to the individual vehicles accordingly.

Smart meter support results in much more reliable charge planning. This step toward precision makes a significant contribution to maximizing energy efficiency.

Historical data at a glance

Another novelty is the possibility to view all this information not only in the present, but also in the past. Thus, detailed insights into the solar yield of the last days, weeks, or even months can be obtained. This helps to identify trends, assess past performance, and thus create a solid basis for future decisions.

Standort 1

With the further development, we not only want to improve the charging experience of our customers, but also take a significant step towards a more comprehensive use of renewable energies in connection with electromobility.

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