Charging solutions for the real estate industry

Holistic energy management solution

We offer holistic energy management for vehicle fleets, apartment buildings and parking spaces - wherever there are many charging stations.

In doing so, we take into account the requirement of the vehicles and available energy. This results in the ideal solution to operate non-public as well as semi-public charging infrastructure.

Our IO-ELON charging management solution enables insight into the charging infrastructure and electric vehicles as well as optimal energy management, considering solar power, vehicle usage and grid connection.

Application for the real estate industry:

  • Prioritized charging
  • Guest charging via RFID
  • Active peakshaving
  • PV integration
  • Innovative pooling for tenants

Direct transfer of charging costs to tenants!

Added values


Monitoring and vehicle pooling

Smart energy management



Digitized and simple processes

Save time and drive relaxed

Data efficient and protected

Features in focus:

  • Energy demant in the forecast
  • Smart load management
  • PV integration
  • Booking system
  • Automatic billing


  • Smooth and predictable load curve
  • Maximum vehicle availability
  • Highly attractive for tenants
  • Improved self-sufficiency in neighborhoods
  • Innovative vehicle pooling

Step by step towards smart mobility

Our services for the electrification of your fleet.

Stock taking

Step 1

The technical situation on site is checked. We conduct a fleet analysis and identify core issues and optimization potential.

Concept design

Step 2

We create a vehicle fleet concept that meets your individual requirements. In doing so, we take into account the type of vehicles and their operation, charging stations, own generation and grid connection.


Step 3

Your electric vehicle fleet, including vehicles and charging stations, is conntected to the IO-ELON charging management software. Adjustments are made and a usage profile is set up so that the overall solution can be applied to the fleet.


Step 4

Keep track of your electric vehicles! IO-ELON, our intelligent charging and energy management software, is the optimal solution to operate your electric vehicle fleet in a cost-optimized and efficient manner.

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