Charging solutions for Last Mile Delivery

Convert your last mile delivery fleet to an efficient and emission-free drive solution! Exploit the full potential of electromobility by developing an environmentally friendly and intelligent delivery strategy!

We support you in ensuring that each of your vehicles is charged as required, taking delivery and route data into account.

Challenges in the electrification of Last Mile Delivery

Delivery and charging times

The delivery times determine the possible charging window in which the vehicles must be charged for the next delivery. If the charging is uncontrolled, the vehicle will lose its value. The most valuable component in an electric car is the battery, the capacity of which decreases with age, the number of charging cycles, the load from charging and discharging processes and the frequency of low and high charge levels. The end of life of the battery is tantamount to an economic total loss of the vehicle - a battery reaches the end of its life when it can only store 70 percent of the original amount of energy.

Our intelligent charging management IO-ELON not only coordinates the charging cycles, i.e. not only controls the charge level and charging speed, but also automatically detects damage to the battery at an early stage.

Grid connection overload

The expansion of the grid connection is associated with high costs. The power price is calculated on the basis of the maximum demanded power, the peak load. However, load peaks can be prevented or reduced with load management. By shifting charging processes, the most constant possible load profile at the grid connection can be guaranteed.

With IO-ELON, peak shaving can be implemented as effectively as possible, with considerable annual cost savings.

Low solar self-consumption

Do you have a photovoltaic system? Improve your energy management by combining your PV system with your electric vehicles. In this way, you not only increase your own consumption and profitability, but can also charge your fleet with emission-free solar power and save electricity costs.

With IO-ELON, the generation of solar power can be coordinated with the charging process. With the help of weather data, the amount of solar yield is forecast and it is ensured that as much green electricity as possible is charged by postponing the charging processes.

Added values


Monitoring and vehicle pooling

Smart energy management



Digitized and simple processes

Save time and drive relaxed

Data efficient and protected

Central features

These features are especially relevant for logistics fleets. 

The features can be expanded modularly and  adapted to your individual requirements.


Receive notifications that, 
i.e. manual intervention is
Statistics and 
recommendations for
charging stations and
Battery health
recording and analysis

Energy management

Dynamic load management
Forecast-based solar
Extension of battery
Flexible electricity tariffs


Integration of the booking
- Tour planning
Appointment status
Export of charging costs to
the cost center 

Step by step towards smart mobility

Our services for the electrification of your fleet.

Stock taking

Step 1

The technical situation on site is checked. We conduct a fleet analysis and identify core issues and optimization potential.

Concept design

Step 2

We create a vehicle fleet concept that meets your individual requirements. In doing so, we take into account the type of vehicles and their operation, charging stations, own generation and grid connection.


Step 3

Your electric vehicle fleet, including vehicles and charging stations, is conntected to the IO-ELON charging management software. Adjustments are made and a usage profile is set up so that the overall solution can be applied to the fleet.


Step 4

Keep track of your electric vehicles! IO-ELON, our intelligent charging and energy management software, is the optimal solution to operate your electric vehicle fleet in a cost-optimized and efficient manner.

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